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Item No TEN46en

Plaque machine

Create your own enameled plaque
Choose the basic plaque parameters from the form to see the preview and the price.

Item No TEN46en

Plaque parameters

Enameled plaque with a number

10 years
of the highest quality
Weather resistant
Bright, lasting
Mounting set
Material: metal plate (1mm sheet), enameled
Dimensions: 4x6 cm (height. x width)
Weight: around 50 g
Number of signs: 2 letters
Number of colours: 2 (to choose from the palette)
Slightly convex
Technique: classic method, handmade
Mounting: 4 holes in the corners
Mounting holes: secured with 5 mm diameter brass eyelets, 4,5 cm spacing 
Our address signs are handmade – with traditional enamel techniques.
The layout consists of street or town name and home/flat number
We offer many options to customize the product – you can choose background colour, font colour, font type, arrangement and shape of the frame (or lack of the frame).
Thanks to the high-quality enamel that we use, the sign is truly shiny, incredibly durable (if not mechanically damaged) and resistant to weather conditions (both UV radiation and rain). The enamel coating resembles glass (the frit that is one of the components of the enamel is basically glass) that offers a range of benefits – the colours saturation stays unchanged, the sign is also easy to clean even with chemical products.
Purchase of the sign is an investment for years to come. Thanks to its classic design and many customization options, it will be an ornament for any home (in both retro and modern styles).
Enameled sign, manufactured with a classic enamel method. Several layers of enamel (prime from both sides and proper colours) are spread on a prepared metal base. Each colour is manually retouched and fired separately at the temperature over 800°C.
We use modern and ecological materials for production. Thanks to significant resistance to the weather conditions (enamel is resistant to rain and sun light), enameled plaques and signs can serve unchanged for years.
Realisation time - 10 to 14 days.
After this period we ship the items, shipping should last from 1 to 3 days. 

Package weight: 1,5 kg
More information: Delivery methods
The sign is customized according to the customers wishes. Therefore, the return is only possible if the product shows manufacturing defects. More information: Returns
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